Blossom end rot and the first stick beans

We have rotten tomatoes. The ends of around a quarter of the crop are circles of brown mush. Research tells us this is blossom end rot and basically our own fault. Tomatoes are time-senstive and high-maitenance and if you fail to water them at the allotted time EVERY DAY they have a hissy fit and send their rear ends black. Something to do with the ability of calcium to reach the vine if water-supply varies.

We trim off the lower leaves and remove the worst affected specimens – no point the plant putting its energies into ripening something that I will chuck in the compost. The rest of the crop looks healthy. In a month’s time I confidently predict that we will be drowning in passata.

In other news, we have a first crop of stick beans! And it’s a good one! Have already siphoned some off to give to friendly work colleagues.

2014-07-29 19.22.16

First stick beans

Dahlias are all out and proud and camp as you like, and the autumn squash are threatening to take over. The love-in-the-mist and cosmos as finally doing their thing.

2014-07-28 19.01.52
Made the blackcurrant jam. Is OK but slightly too thick, remember next time – more water.

2014-07-28 14.38.06

boiling up the blackcurrant jam

Abundance abundance abundance.

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