Humble (pumpkin) pie

I thought that my squash were doing alright. I’ve got ‘summer squash’, which doesn’t actually exist of course, I just have no idea what variety they are. That and the turks turban, which are fattening nicely. My harvested squash pile currently looks like this:

2014-09-24 09.43.21

The onion rack is now a squash-curing rack

But then we visited Charlecote Park at the weekend, the National Trust place near Warwick. And frankly, they’re just showing off with their squash pile. Check this out:

2014-09-21 13.35.28

One serious squash harvest

The gardeners at Charlecote are having huge fun with their squash. There were varieties here I’d never heard of, both old and new, from the UK, Japan, Canada, USA, France… you get it. All of them were exquisitely beautiful, even the ugly ones. That may make no sense, but is perfectly logical to me.

2014-09-21 13.33.46

Gourds – these are inedible, just for show

2014-09-21 13.34.31

I am growing these! Though I’ll probably get about…10.

2014-09-21 13.34.53

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

But what to do with all these squash – will they ever sell them all? I doubt it. Not at £5 a pop, which is how much some of the more interesting ones were. No matter. I best get back to looking after those Turks.

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  1. I have ‘Sweet Dumpling’ which look similar to your yellow ones, but with green stripes. I’ve made Hugh’s – Squash stuffed with leeks from Veg Everyday – it is scrum! – loving the blog!

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