Pause for breath

I feel just-a-little-bit broken by 2016, what with all the political turmoil. I’m not sure which is worse: the fear of terrorism, or the fear that extreme politicians are managing to persuade certain groups of people that it’s OK to hate other groups of people because they are different to themselves. Plus we bought a house (which used up my life savings), moved a workshop, worked continuously and didn’t get in a decent holiday. And lots of really good people died.

This isn’t meant as a complaint, more of an observation that I’m running on empty: what’s needed is a proper break and time to regroup. The natural world can teach us a lot about pausing for breath: trees let go of their leaves, animals go into hibernation, all to conserve energy for the next year. On the allotment the ground is bare now, save for the winter greens, and will stay that way until the spring. The chrysanthemums are wrapped up in straw and tucked away in the greenhouse to over-winter.

2016-11-25 11.25.57

Allotment stripped back to the earth

2016-11-25 11.25.13

Over-wintered chrysanthemums

We headed down to Cornwall this weekend for two days of big skies and big beaches. We were ostensibly there to catch the Padstow Christmas Festival (I spotted Rick Stein, Brian Turner and Fern Britton wandering around town) but really, we were there to eat pasties, walk on the beach and feel fresh air in the lungs.

2016-12-02 11.55.18

Greetings from Mawgan Porth

It wasn’t a two week holiday, but a change is as good as a rest. Plus we had a brilliant dinner at Zachry’s at Watergate Bay and I’m newly inspired to have a go at some new recipes: the prawns with gobi sauce, hake with romesco sauce,  and panna cotta with burnt oranges were outstanding.

Bring on Christmas!

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