End of year figures

Subs were due this weekend. I headed over to the office, which is actually a garden shed, and handed over my hard-earned cash to Archie.

Archie is the Boss of the allotments. If you’re not looking after your plot, Archie will send you The Letter instructing you to buck up your thinking. Every so often he wanders over to see what we’re up to, and always asks about the hops. I’m hoping he’ll present us with a gold star for effort one day, but it’s yet to materialise.

As I wrote out my cheque for £81 I reflected that the fees had gone up since last year. It’s actually a rise of 9%. Archie told me that Birmingham City Council has decreed all their departments must now breakeven (what on earth were they doing before?) and as a result they are no-longer subsidising the allotments.

Subsidising the allotments! I hadn’t realised that Cllr Albert Bore and his gang had been giving me a financial helping hand with my high-maitenance tomatoes.

So as it’s Year End on the allotment, I thought I’d work out just how much produce we’ve grown, in financial terms, so I can pass my thanks back to BCC.

If you’ll humour me for a few moments, my figures are thus.