The July glut

After a weekend house-sitting for my folks, come home with a boot full of produce from their jungle-like veg patch.

Chard, spinach (snail nibbled), first dwarf beans, courgettes, kohl rabi, chillies, raspberries – it’s all coming now. Feel the annual stress of the summer glut beginning.

Suspect our allotment is about a month behind the Worcestershire one. Planted out the Turks Turban, all 9 of them, and harvested a pitifully small amount of summer raspberries, last of the strawberries, last of the red currants – the ones the birds didn’t find – and very first of the blackberries.

In the past few weeks all the outdoor greens and tomatoes have found a new lease of life, filling out, shooting up and generally getting a whole lot more virile.

To the kitchen.


Raspberries ready for the freezer


Greens ready for processing


Basil stripped and ready for pesto

The chard, spinach and last strands of cima di rapa are cooked down, drained, squeezed and chopped. What for? Spanakopita? Curry? Tart? Freezer?


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