Time out needed

I’ve not written in a week. Other things get in the way – work, house (I’ve discovered that it is very possible to fall out with a kitten when she draws blood and then tips water over the laptop), work. For both of us, work.

Now that the summer is past the need to make that daily pilgrimage to the greenhouse has instantly vanished. I see now that it was a good regimen for the home-based worker, a reason to step away from the computer and get some air.

So today’s (brief) visit to the allotment was the first for a week. Allotmenting now needs a different approach, a different motivation. After the glut we move from harvesting to maintenance. Things are going over, the cosmos gone to seed, the squash dying back, the borlottis still ripening whilst foliage turns wilted and brown. A few tomatoes remain but they are nibbled and pale.

It all needs digging up, manuring, tidying, cleaning. Housework involving soil. But not now, not yet. First, time out is needed; an autumn restorative measure. Next stop Cornwall.

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