Cottage Pie

We’ve had a disrupted week. Matt’s been doing 14-hour days again, building massive screens for a video art projection down in Birmingham’s Southside area. What this means in effect is that, for him, breakfast is coffee, lunch is something mayonnaise-y from Tesco and dinner is pizza from Dominoes. I have nobody to cook for and therefore live off pasta.

Meanwhile an old friend has received bad family-health-related news, the kind that made me catch my breath, count my blessings and make a quiet vow to be A Good Friend when called upon.

We need to find some comfort. I need to cook.

For years I’ve followed a brilliant blog Use Real Butter, created by Jen Yu, a photographer who lives near Boulder, Colorado, deep in the Rocky Mountains. This woman goes on trail runs before breakfast, coming across moose as a matter of course. I love it. Her last post saw her rustle up a Cottage Pie: just the business.